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Shoe frenzy in Year 2

Posted: 20th May 2015 | Category: Year 2

Year 2

Way too much laughter seemed to be coming from the Year 2 classroom last Wednesday so I decided to go and investigate and see what all the hilarity was about for myself.

There seemed to be excited children everywhere walking round in shoes of differing shapes and sizes; slippers, stilettos, ugg boots, flip flops, platforms, I think Imelda Marcos daughter had been having a clear out!

I was then told by Miss Murphy that I hadn’t walked into the last day of a  shoe  sale but that Year Two were busy exploring patterns in poetry based on the theme of “Shoes”.

The children had each chosen a pair of shoes and were then asked to listen to all the wonderful different sounds they made as they stomped, tiptoed or teetered around the classroom depending on their choice of shoe. Sitting in a circle they took turns to describe the different sounds they had heard to the class, sharing and even inventing new vocabulary at the same time raising their awareness of onomatopoeia and alliteration.

This led on to the children having great fun incorporating these ideas into their own “Street Sounds ”verse which progressed naturally on to making their own shoe- shaped poems based on their favourite type of footwear. They each drew an outline of their chosen shoe and used descriptive words to write around the edge.

When I returned later to take some photographs,  I was very impressed to find those who had finished their writing , busy  making up and then solving  their own Maths problems still using the theme of shoes.

Well done, Year 2, on being such an industrious class; I look forward to hearing about your next topic in literacy based on “Island Homes” and the wonderful Katie Morag series of stories.

Click here to see photos and examples of children's work.

Click here to watch a short video of some of the children's poems.

Frances Plummer

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