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Saturn and other favourites

Posted: 14th June 2016 | Category: Reception

There are certain circumstances in which a young child’s learning will go further, reach deeper and stay longer. A rich environment and supportive adults are important, as are activities which stretch and challenge young minds. In Reception and Kindergarten we are always in the watch, taking note of those subjects which spark the children’s interest and inspire them to ask questions and explore.

Just recently in Reception we listened to a song on Youtube about the Solar System, which was accompanied by beautiful visuals of the sun and the planets. We were delighted (and a little surprised!) by the way in which the children took hold of this and ran with it. Children brought in books and models, played ‘space’ games and preceded every run across the field with a count down! Our present topic on Space grew out of this interest and we are proud and amazed at the depth of the children’s knowledge now, a few weeks into the topic.

Everyone has a favourite planet, and a reason for their preference;

“I love Saturn because it has rings of ice.”

“Earth is my best because we live on it and it is beautiful.”

“Jupiter is the best gas giant and has loads of moons.”

“I love Neptune best because Ariel lives there.” (OK, sometimes the facts get mixed up!)

The children have made collages, pictures and books, and several have voiced  serious intentions to be astronauts.

If anyone knows Tim Peake personally, we would love an introduction when he returns to Earth next Saturday! A more realistic request: If anyone is expecting a delivery of a large fridge freezer, please hand over the box! We need a rocket!

With love and very best wishes,

Mrs P and Jackie.

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