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Reception visit Raystede

Posted: 14th October 2015 | Category: Reception

It was with great excitement that Reception set off in the school minibuses for Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on a beautifully sunny Autumn day. We were met by Cat, Raystede's appropriately-named Education Officer. In the yurt, we learned a little about each of the animal breeds that live at Raystede.

We then discovered we were going to be lucky enough to take two of the dogs for a walk! Cat explained the correct way to meet a new dog:

1. Do ask the owner if it is okay to meet their dog.
2. Offer the back of your hand for the dog to smell (a doggy handshake!)
3. Give the dog a gentle stroke.

Armed with this knowledge, we were introduced to Jack, an elderly Labrador-Collie cross, and Alice, a sweet-tempered 3 year old Jack Russell, and off we went!  Each dog had two leads - one for an adult to hold and one for a child to hold, so the children took turns to walk each dog for a few minutes.  We discovered that dogs are very keen on sniffing everything along the way!

It was soon time to return the dogs to the and make our way to the where we met two.  showed us how to feed to the without risking our fingers.  After nine each the were rather full!

Our final job for the day was to feed corn to the geese and the chickens.  We also spied a rather splendid turkey - he spread his tail feathers and put on quite a display for us!

Cat gave us all a sticker for being so helpful and she said the children were one of the best behaved classes she has ever looked after, so well done Reception!

Once back at school, we drew pictures of our favourite animals and remembered all we had learned about them.  You can see our work on the wall in Reception - do come and look!

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