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Reception go Free Range!

Posted: 27th April 2016 | Category: Reception

Our Topic in Reception at the moment is 'The rainforest'. The children have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this theme; the creative juices are flowing and we have a classroom adorned with paintings of animals, crepe paper vines and a hessian hut. On Wednesday we had some true spring weather, so we packed our barrow with supplies and set off for the Skippers woods (AKA the Brazilian rainforest)
There are many things I love about working at Skippers, but one of my favourite things is the sight of eighteen wellie- booted smalls pelting down the field and disappearing into the woodland, yelling with excitement. We jog after them trying to look fit and jolly, calling out unheard reminders about nettles and sharp sticks, whilst they immediately immerse themselves in very serious role play, tracking tigers, whacking snakes with sticks and climbing trees looking for monkeys.
We found a suitable clearing and began to set up camp in a pop up tent. Within five seconds of the 'pop' part, all eighteen explorers had piled into the two man tent, holding magnifying glasses and cardboard binoculars. Ten minutes later it was morning and we continued our expedition. 
Our next stop was at the log circle, where there were wooden shelters to hide in and an impromptu performance by the 'Jungle band' who tapped out some groovy rhythms for us to dance to. We settled down for a well earned rest just as our rainforest guide, Mrs Plummer, announced that it was three o'clock. Mild panic ensued as we calculated the odds of getting back to school before the parents arrived! I can reveal that the children had no problems racing back up the hill, whereas Jackie and I were somewhat challenged! Thank you to the children who dragged me up the last part of the path.
Such fun; and the summer term has really begun!

Loraine Pincott and Jackie Parker

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