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Reception classroom is adorned with evidence of children’s learning

Posted: 16th October 2017 | Category: Reception

As the half term break approaches it is time to pause and reflect. Our first six weeks together as a class have flown by and the classroom is adorned with evidence of the children's learning.

A giant peach hangs from the ceiling, festooned with Roald Dahl characters; our family tree sprouts new leaves regularly, each one depicting a baby on one side and a Skipper's family on the other; our Stick People dance merrily across the display board, each one as unique as our children.

The Literacy board features Chris surrounded by Phonics monsters - Chris has hero status in Reception - he has a tractor and a real drill. The Numeracy board is decorated with Numicon pieces and sandpaper numbers, and is familiar to all the children as we practice counting forwards, backwards and in multiples of ten. New songs and dances are confidently performed and we are planning our first assembly.

The evidence of learning is there for all to see; but what is not so visible is the evidence of our growing commitment to one another as a group.  Numerous small acts of kindness, generosity and understanding underpin the formation of a community, and we are lucky enough to witness these every day. When someone falls, a dozen small brows furrow in concern and rush to fetch a wet tissue; when a construction is not going to plan, busy engineers cluster around offering advice and sellotape; when sharing is just too hard to contemplate, a class mate will bring a sand timer and offer support.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents for your support and your trust. We are looking forward to next half term which flies under the banner 'Seasons Greetings'. A truck load of glitter is on its way! 
With love and best wishes,

Mrs P and Michelle.

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