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Ants and Rhythm in Reception

Posted: 22nd February 2017 | Category: Reception

Signs of spring are appearing in the fields and woods, and we have begun our new topic  'Growth and Change'. 
Yesterday we went 'ant gathering' in order to populate our new, very design conscious ant house. It is a highly 'des res' consisting of five chambers connected by tunnels. I am pleased to report that the ants who survived the gathering process (imagine fifteen enthusiastic smalls armed with teaspoons and collecting pots) have settled in nicely and are fascinating to watch as they explore, interact and quite clearly communicate with one another. They have been given names such as 'Flash', 'Pearl' and 'Anticus'. (Is someone teaching Latin at home? ) 
Feel free to pop in and visit them if you are passing!

The smalls love their morning dance and are becoming so proficient that we wanted to share with you. We learn a new dance every three weeks, and so have an increasing repertoire. The importance of music and dance for children as an aid to gross and fine motor skills is evident I'm sure, but there are other significant areas of development which also benefit from a boogie. We have observed an increase in balance, coordination and spatial awareness since we began to dance every day. The children love to work and play as a group, and at Reception age the patterns of movement are absorbed as easily as language. The growth of self confidence is a joy to see, as those who were reluctant to join in at first are now keen dancers. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we do!

Much love,

Mrs Pincott and Michelle


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