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People who help us in KG

Posted: 8th March 2017 | Category: Kindergarten


We are delighted to welcome Amelie, Georgia and Torben to our Kindergarten family, all of whom have settled in extremely well and are happy, busy and making new friends.

Following on from the children’s interests in Percy the Park Keeper stories, they have created a fabulous display of all the different characters in the books.  The children decided what they wanted to put on the board and we discussed the various ways we could decorate the characters.  

As a result, they have been busy making owls from paper plates, decorating their ‘favourite’ woodland animal with a selection of seeds and pulses; they have made daffodils from cake cases and a 3D wheelbarrow out of cereal packets, cardboard coffee tubes and a huge amount of masking tape and paint!  However, the absolute icing on the cake was the actual wheelbarrow made by our wonderful Chris out of scavenged pieces or wood from around the school (together with an old bicycle wheel)  - identical in every way to Percy’s wheelbarrow!  The children have been piling up the wheelbarrow with anything they could lay their hands on and wheeling it happily around - inside and out.

Discussing Percy and the work he did in the park, keeping it tidy and looking after the animals, led us naturally into the wider area of other people who help us.  Of course, the most important people mentioned were, unsurprisingly, Mummy and Daddy, but we also talked about all the people in school who help us.  Some of the children were able to identify people in the community, such as policemen and firemen which led on to some wonderful roleplay.

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Our topic for this half of term (determined by the children’s consuming fascination) is dinosaurs!  We have already discovered extremely large footprints leading up to the classroom door and a strange egg-shaped object in the corner of the room.  I wonder ..... !

The Kindergarten Team

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