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Mr Lewis’ Blog: When Shrinking Violets Blossom

Posted: 14th February 2014 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

On Tuesday evening, seventy plus parents were treated to a true pageant of talent as Years 5 to 8 (with one Year 4 insurgent in the form of Lizzie Sturgess) entertained us all with a varied programme of Music and Theatre.  I have to admit to a swelling of pride and the odd drop of moisture to the eye as I watched these youngsters giving self-assured performances.  It mattered not a jot what they offered – song, dance, instrumental music or drama!  The mere fact they were on stage was a triumph to be celebrated.

One girl deserves special mention.  Poppy in Year 8 came to us as a reticent and unassuming child from a local Primary School.  She started as a shrinking violet in our Year 7 but has truly blossomed, if you will excuse the pun!

Poppy is a talented dancer.  She loves Ballet but adores Modern Dance.

Poppy came up to me one morning in the Autumn Term and said, “Would it be possible for me to run a Dance Club for the Upper School girls at lunch break?”

I considered for a few seconds and seized the opportunity. “What a fab idea, Poppy!  Why don’t you talk to Mrs. Alsop as she is a Dance expert? She might be willing to help set it up!”

Poppy duly approached Angela who, like all the staff here, was willing to give of her free time.

After the first couple of sessions, Angela kept a low profile as Poppy took complete charge and each week every single girl in Years 7 and 8 danced their hearts out to the choreographed moves created by Poppy.

One lunch time I was passing the Music Room which was pulsating to Robbie William’s song “Let Me Entertain You”.  I opened the door to see all the Upper School girls dancing in unison but punctuating their routine with gymnastic and rhythmical moves.  They were bright-eyed with excitement and physical exertion and they were stunning!

Poppy was in charge and discipline was complete!  I was impressed!

“We’re opening the Performing Arts’ Evening next week!”

And so they did!  And what an accomplished performance!

Not a shrinking violet to be seen! Now that’s what I call education!

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