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Kindergarten Blog - 28th January 2013

Posted: 28th January 2013 | Category: Kindergarten

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

In Kindergarten we have been learning all about winter and to have it snow here at Skippers Hill was just perfect.  We couldn’t have organised it better ourselves! It was just magical and as the snow started to fall, we put on our Welly boots, hats and gloves and we were outside before you could say ‘Jack Frost’. What we love about the snow is all the wonderful language that comes from watching the snowflakes come down: ‘Mrs Mills and Mrs Reis, the snow is drizzling onto my nose’ or ‘Mrs Mills or Mrs Reis, my footprints are all jagged in the snow’.

The weather has given us the perfect opportunity to look at freezing and melting and what better way to teach this than to see it all first hand? Of course we had to eat some ice cream too. Looking at hot and cold we have also managed to make our own hot chocolate, which was devoured by the children after a ‘Winter Wonderland Walk’.  The room fell silent as they cradled their warm cups and listened to stories.

‘Ridiculous’ is a story we have shared and it is one of my favourites. It is all about a tortoise who decides to go out in winter instead of hibernating with his parents. He gets into all sorts of scrapes, but the wonderful lesson he learns is that taking a risk will sometimes lead you to make the right decision in the end. In Kindergarten it is all about taking risks, as that is what prepares you for the future.

This term is jam packed with art activities. Our displays illustrate the breadth of work we have been covering. We have been painting sticks to give our winter trees proper branches, we have been looking at sizes in maths and using different size circles to build them with. We have also made some magical winter spiders webs for our class spider, Sidney.

Pirate Bear has been continuing his adventures around the class and at the moment he is with Hebe experiencing life with her dog, Harry.  I will show you some photos in my next blog.

Time is flying by and we must be away to prepare for Messy Mondays this afternoon. We will be making snow pictures with icing sugar and ink.  Very sticky but we are hoping the results will be well worth the mess!

Until next time, keep warm.

Skippers Hill Kindergarten

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