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Maths challenge, St Andrew’s Eastbourne

Posted: 15th October 2014 | Category: Year 5

On October 2nd, Eleanor, Lizzie, Jiya and Baylee from Year 5 took part in a Maths Challenge at St Andrew’s school in Eastbourne.

Lizzie and Eleanor were in the ‘Hexagons’ groups, Baylee and Jiya were in the ‘Nonagons’ group.

In pairs they had to solve different types of mathematical problems: calculating the value of a basket of shopping, reading a train timetable, using Tangrams to make specified 2-D shapes, solving calculations on a ‘broken’ calculator and arranging dominoes to match a printed diagram. These activities were followed by some quick mental maths questions.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and this is what they had to say:

We felt nervous because there were a lot of schools there and a lot of people watching us. It was exciting because we really enjoy maths and the different activities were fun. We enjoyed working in pairs because we were able to work together and share our ideas so we worked the problems out more quickly. It was quite stressful working to a time limit for each task. We only had a few minutes to answer all the questions for each activity and we had to sit down as soon as they said “Time’s Up”. It was annoying because on one problem we had just got the answer but had to sit down before we could write it down.

The dominoes problem was quite easy as we had to match them to a diagram which had numbers instead of dots.

Eleanor liked the Tangrams. They took a bit longer because they told you how many pieces of plastic you could use to make each shape. So we had to think about that one. The shopping basket was tricky. You had to work out how much each basket cost using the price list. Sometimes you had to halve the price if there was 1⁄2kg of something.

With the broken calculator, we had to make sums but could only use some of the buttons. We saved time because if there was a ‘÷’ sign then we knew which order the numbers would go in.

Advice for next time: Pair up with someone with different strengths. So one of you might be better at shapes and the other might be better at reading timetables.

We really enjoyed it, but it was pretty challenging!

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