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Kindergarten Explore Autumn

Posted: 2nd October 2014 | Category: Kindergarten

During the past two weeks, Kindergarten children have been enjoying the sights, sounds and textures of approaching Autumn. Our beautiful woodland spaces are ideal ‘collecting spots’, so we set off with our baskets and buckets to find interesting leaves, acorns, beech nuts, fading flower heads and twigs. Apart from enjoying the pleasures of collecting and handling, we took the opportunity to create some Ephemeral Art (also known as Earth Art). This is an art form which uses natural objects arranged with artistic creativity. It can be an individual or group activity, and is readily accessible to young children. Sue brought in some beautiful items from her garden, including Swiss chard, Virginia creeper and glossy conkers. The children produced some wonderful creations; they worked with great concentration, and some wonderful vocabulary was heard; pictures will be on display outside the Early Years classrooms very soon!

Parents often ask how we begin the teaching of phonics - in fact, it begins the first time you speak to your new born baby. We need to ensure the children can hear and distinguish discrete sounds, before we attempt to teach them how to write and identify letters. In Kindergarten we often go for ‘listening’ walks. We sing songs which emphasise initial sounds and rhyming vowels in words. We are ready now to set up a ‘sound table’, on which we will collect a number of objects beginning with one sound. The letter cards are made using sandpaper or fabric, allowing for sensory memory to reinforce symbolic  memory. The children handle and name the objects, running their fingers over the letters. Children develop at different rates and learn best when their interests are engaged, so everything must be stimulating  and fun.

Enjoy the Autumn sunshine while it lasts!

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