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Kindergarten enjoy new ‘Mud Kitchen’

Posted: 6th May 2015 | Category: Kindergarten

During the Easter holidays, Sue and I spent a lot of time in charity shops and at the recycling centre (formerly known as ‘the dump’) looking for bargains. It was fabulous! No designer frocks were found, but lots of pots, pans, utensils, and a kitchen sink! With help from our Gary and a donation of wood chippings from Miss Bakewell we have begun to create our mud kitchen, in the copse behind the adventure playground. This is already a favourite playing spot for the children, and is home to the ‘dragon’ who features strongly in many narrative games.

Our first few visits have been enormous fun. Sue and I have watched (and occasionally been invited to join) some wonderfully rich imaginative games. During these games, children are able to ‘try out’ different characters and work through any fears or concerns they may have, as well as expressing their joy in the world around them.We have watched the transformation of a quiet little boy into a fearsome, roaring dragon, chasing spade-wielding knights through the forest. We have seen a two year old carrying out a sustained campaign of digging lasting twenty minutes; “I gonna dig this big ‘ole all the day, it’s my work”! We have witnessed a group of assertive cooks arguing over how many chickens are needed for a ‘lovely casserole’ for the whole class.

Every area of learning may be addressed during periods of rich imaginative play. Maths is an integral part of cooking, even when your staple ingredients are bark chippings, daisies and mud.

Vocabulary is developed when the environment is stimulating. Scrambling up trees and down banks builds physical strength and balance. Playing and learning with your friends warms the soul.


We love the summer term!

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