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Kindergarten Blog: Learning through exploration

Posted: 6th March 2014 | Category: Kindergarten

Imagine being an explorer, following your interests, and discovering previously unimagined possibilities every day. This is how life should be in Kindergarten: exciting and fulfilling. Children’s learning is deeply embedded when they pursue their own lines of enquiry. Our job is to know in which direction those lines of enquiry lead, and to provide resources for exploration and experimentation which will facilitate further learning. And what fun we have had!

Firstly, we shared a story that reflected the children’s present interests. This time it was ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We enjoyed talking about the characters and plot, flying around the room like seagulls, and thinking about what would be in our ideal packed lunch. This made us hungry, so we stopped for a snack, the children still playing at being criminal seagulls (you have to read the book!)

Then we took four planks, a few big tyres, some logs, rope and a couple of pulleys.  We added several small people in need of fresh air and exercise, and we tried very hard to stand back and not ‘help’ (interfere).

The children had such a wonderful time, exploring and experimenting. We watched as they constructed a ramp and runway, along which they rolled logs and balls, demonstrating impressive skills of modification and improvement. The dialogue between them was rich in vocabulary. Slides were built and tried out and a pulley system carried a bag of food across the ground.

The children have spent many happy times refining and repeating their games. Sue and I continue to watch, play and marvel.

Happy days, despite the weather!

Loraine Pincott and Sue Reis

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