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Kindergarten Blog: Everything is growing!

Posted: 20th June 2014 | Category: Kindergarten

The school year passes by so quickly. We have been thinking about growth and change; so evident when we look back at photographs of the children last September. All were delighted to learn that, according to our growth chart on the door, they had sprouted considerably since then! One small chap mused: ‘Wow, I have growed three litres!’

We also have several visitors in the classroom. Six wiggly tadpoles and five hanging cocoons. These contrasting life cycles, progressing alongside one another, have led to some confusion amongst the troops. Now even I am not sure whether to expect butterflies or froglets from the cocoons. Well, I will let you know!

Our garden is a colourful delight. Flowers, tomato and cucumber plants, beans and peas. The children love watering and inspecting and ‘digging for slugs’. Sue and I love watching them!

We know how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful environment. Now we have realised just how blessed we are. Sue has just attended a conference on the development of two year olds, with a particular emphasis on outdoor learning. Research indicates that the richest, deepest learning experiences occur outside, with adults there to help if needed. Children need fields, trees, water and soil, the chance to be immersed in a task that lasts as long as it takes, whether it be digging, climbing a tree, rolling down a hill or making a mud casserole. At Skippers the children have the space and opportunity to do these things. Our policy of having mixed age groupings in the Kindergarten was also endorsed as good practice. Sue has brought back some inspirational books to guide us as we plan for the arrival of our two year olds, and the development of our outdoor environment.

Many thanks to our wonderful families for their support and sense of humour.

Loraine Pincott and Sue Reis

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