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Kindergarten preparing for their Nativity

Posted: 24th November 2015 | Category: Kindergarten

Today, we are being donkeys.
We begin our preparations for Christmas very early in Kindergarten. After all, we have two kilos of glitter to get through and a very complicated story to learn. Our nativity is based upon a re-telling of the Christmas story in the children’s own words, and there are numerous misunderstandings to clear up. Following yet another telling of the story, one of today’s conversations went something like this:
Me:  “So, have you all decided who you want to be in our Christmas play?”
Most of the class, very enthusiastically – “Yes!”
“Wonderful! Please tell me and I will write it down.”
Everyone wanted to be a donkey.
“We can’t really all be donkeys. There isn’t a whole herd of donkeys in the story.  Doesn’t anyone want to be a shepherd?”
“Do shepherds have guns and swords?”
“I’ll be a crocodile then”
“Yes, and I’ll be a dragon. Like the one that lives on our roof…..”
You can see what we’re up against. Or against which we are up.
By the end of the morning we are getting there. Two Marys, five kings, nine donkeys and a crocodile. And that’s without Reception, who apparently all want to be Herod.
And I’ll be asking questions about the roof-dwelling dragon. Could be a child protection issue you see.
The play will be interesting. See you there!
Much love,
Mrs P, Sue and Jackie

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