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Juniors enjoy learning about Dinosaurs

Posted: 24th November 2015 | Category: Year 1, Year 2

Year One and Two have had a busy time packed with a range of activities across the curriculum with our Dinosaur Topic and gaining an understanding of what life was life millions of years ago in Prehistoric times.
Everyone participated with enthusiasm in the Dinosaur hunt which led us nicely into various sorting activities according to different criteria, measuring bones and using metre sticks to identify how tall a Diploducus would have been. 
Miss Bakewell and myself have also been learning new things along with the children.  Did you know that Mary Anning  from Dorset was the first woman paleontologist?
Both groups have made their own fossils using clay and will be painting them this week.

Year Two had a wonderful time excavating chocolate chips from cookies using toothpicks, tweezers and tiny make up brushes.  Their enthusiasm, focus and concentration was amazing. 

A big thank you to Wendy and Hazel for making Dinosaur biscuits for the Juniors to enjoy at lunch. It generated much interesting chatter amongst the children who began discussing which dinosaur they had and sharing facts about their Dinosaurs.
We have started planning a Dino adventure story and the next step will be to read, recite and write our own dinosaur poem.

In the meantime we have started our rehearsals for the Junior Nativity.

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