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I have been struck by the theme of change

Posted: 18th May 2017 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

On my regular tours and visits around the classrooms and grounds I have been struck by the theme of change in the past few weeks. Along with the seasonal changes in the weather and landscape, the children are all gradually coming to the end of their time in their current year group and they suddenly look a lot taller and a little more mature!

At this time of year the Year Eight pupils are really showing signs that they are ready for senior schools - physically, emotionally and intellectually. The children in Year 6 are staying away from home and for many this will be the first time - an exciting and worthwhile challenge for both the pupils and their parents which always results in positive change. The Year Seven pupils start to look like Year Eight in the making and it is at this point that we start to ask them what contribution each of them is going to make during their time at the top of the school. Over the years the school has had many fantastic seniors who have blossomed during Year Eight and gone on to great success in their future schools and lives.

On Friday myself and Mrs Harvey spent a SKULL session (an alarming acronym for nothing more sinister than Skills, Knowledge and Understanding for Lifelong Learning!) speaking to the Year Seven’s about our expectations, and their opportunities, for their time in Year Eight. A key element of their experience is each taking responsibility for their community, every pupil serving as a role model for the younger children. The Year Sevens have been served up job descriptions for a range of posts including Prefect, House Captain, Sports Captain, School Councillor and Librarian and will be writing letters of application to me over the half-term break. Interviews will follow - a valuable life-experience as they start to contemplate the journey onwards to senior school.

As always at Skippers, it is important that each individual is enabled to find the area in which they are able to contribute to the leadership of the community, as well as enjoy personal development and increased self-confidence.


Best wishes,


Mark Hammond.


Focus of the Fortnight

The theme of our PRHSE lessons has been ‘coping with change’. Engage with your children about the positive opportunities that change can bring.

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