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I cannot wait for Sports Day

Posted: 15th June 2017 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

 I cannot wait for Sports Day! For the first time in several years we are absolutely guaranteed dry, sunny weather and the school’s glorious setting will be on display to be enjoyed by all.
Our commitment at Skippers is to ensure that every child has an opportunity to participate and contribute in all elements of school life. It is through opportunity that children’s talents can be nurtured and maximised: children will usually surprise us when given the chance. This year Mr Gurran has redesigned the format of Sports Day to maximise the opportunity for every individual to take part to the max - it is of course impossible to achieve complete equity due to varying numbers in different houses but I am impressed with how many events each of the children will be able to take part in this year, even with more children participating overall. A wider range of events will be on display to ensure that those who enjoy putting some welly into a good throw or jump can showcase their skills alongside the runners!
Due to popular demand the younger children have been integrated into the main event and will  feel part of the day and  enjoy a sense of representing their houses with their older peers.
Mr Gurran has prioritised pupil voice in the process and involved the children in the decision making. There have been some very mature discussions in house meetings and a number of children have stepped up to take on events for the benefit of their team rather than themselves - an outstanding attitude!
Excellence is also important and we retain our headline events in the hurdles and sprints: I am confident that with the talent in the school at this time, some records will fall this year. A huge thank you to Mr Gurran, ably supported by the heads of houses, for organising the children and the events. It wouldn’t be possible without the work of FOSHA so please do support them on the day with frequent visits to the bar!
Stock up on sunscreen, sunhats and water and do make the most of one of my favourite community events of the year.
Best wishes,
Mark Hammond.

Focus of the Fortnight
Train hard, compete hard and go for your personal best; whether you win or not, make sure you do it with good grace!

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