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Hooray! Summer has arrived ...

Posted: 16th May 2017 | Category: Kindergarten

Hooray! Summer has arrived ... well, we have definitely had one or two good days and we are hoping for more! The Summer Term is well underway and our children are displaying a frantic need for sand and water, in equal measure, both inside and out! There has been great excitement over our new sandpit which was revealed to the children over the last week - frantic digging and burying of all kinds of objects has taken place already. Now where did those shells and pebbles get to?!

For the first part of this term our general topic is ‘growing and changing’. With this in mind we have introduced the texts of Jack and the Beanstalk (already well loved by many of the children) and Jasper’s Beanstalk (less well known). Both of these stories generate exciting roleplay opportunities for the children where we are exploring the themes of right and wrong (was it right that Jack stole those precious things from the giant?) and pursuit and capture, something the children already indulge in on a daily basis.

When you next come into the classroom do look up! You will find that a magical beanstalk has taken root, decorated with some gorgeous leaves made by the children. They have also been busy decorating magic beans - an array of pink, turquoise blue, vibrantly bright green amongst other lovely colours. Each child has also ‘planted’ a runner bean which you will see attached to the window in little bags. The children are waiting with bated breath to see whose will be the first to grow - such a competitive spirit!

Several of the children indulged their love of tape dispensers last week and, as a team, created the most amazing castle for the giant made out of cereal packets, tea bag boxes, cardboard tubes and an array of other recycled materials held together with - masking tape! One of the children even decided that there should be a loo - with outside drainage!

These exciting creative activities also offer a wealth of learning opportunities. The children have been counting beans, estimating quantities of beans, ordering and classifying beans according to size, using positional language in creating the castle; they have been re- telling the story of Jack in their own words using props and puppets, finding out how plants grow, naming the different parts of plants. You might hear your child talking about the golden leaves - they are very special and are given to a child for various reasons: being kind, helpful, for good sharing and turn-taking and for trying hard. We would like every child to be awarded at least one golden leaf if not more!

Megan, Jackie, Freya and I are all extremely proud of our wonderful children! The Kindergarten Team 

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