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Here goes! Headmaster’s Launch Blog!

Posted: 22nd October 2010 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

Thursday 21st October 2010

It is a very strange feeling trying out a new medium for communication, especially as until this very morning I was not entirely sure what writing a blog entailed!

It was a chilly start to the day and I followed my customary routine of opening up the school. This is a time I can gather my thoughts and reflect on anything that is wandering through my mind.

As I crossed the front car park, a solitary magpie scarpered away and I intoned the mantra: “Good morning, Mr Magpie; how are you and all your family?”  This daft piece of superstition has been handed down through Fiona’s side of the family and why I have succumbed to it, I have no idea!  How do I know it is male?  Might he or she be celibate?  Still the colours were magnificent and reminded me of last night’s disco.

What super fun!  The Junior Disco started at 1730h and the gym was soon pulsating to Bob The Builder’s Song and Shakira – an unusual combination!  One half of the 4 to 8 year old  crowd was gyrating and bopping almost in time, whilst the other half was sliding around like spinning tops attempting some strange form of Break Dancing.  The excitement was infectious and I happily joined in with a fine rendition of the Parental Jerk which drew many smirks from the Junior teachers and the children – still nothing ventured…

The Senior Disco was a pageant and the decibel level was astounding!  The Belly Dancing Competition was outrageously funny and Messrs Steward, Parker, Arnold and Kisbee were quite the most comical impromptu act I have seen for ages!  It was a grand affair and beautifully organised by Jane and FOSHA.  The hot dogs, squash, fizzy drinks, sweeties packed with e numbers all helped this beano go with a bang!

Back to opening up.

The panoramic view looking out over our fields never ceases to take away my breath.  The sky was clear and the colours spectacular.  In the far right corner of the bottom field six fallow deer were grazing but by a sprawling oak tree I caught a glimpse of white…an albino!  Nothing superstitious troubled my mind this time and so I moved back on to finish my round.

Sitting at Caroline’s desk, at 0720h, I decide to catch up on some marking:  Year 7 Spelling Test.  The Upper School pupils have a list of 60 Common Entrance words that they use for their English Literature papers – poor things!  They have so far learned ten a week and performed really well; after Half Term they will have a major test with prizes for those who score top marks, as well as another prize for the one pupil who has made the most effort as they find spelling difficult.  Some of the words are tricky and the Year 8’s have not only to spell them correctly but must also be able to define them.  Year 7 just have to get the spellings right!  A sample of the words from the list: oxymoron; pathetic fallacy; enjambement; simile; hyperbole and figurative language to name but a few.

0735h and Angela Alsop strides in and we begin sorting out the day ahead: last day before Half Term and it’s a Mufti and Tuck Shop Day for the Jersey Tour that takes place in March.  No problem there as it’s amazing how many kids volunteer to run the shop – I wonder what the attraction is?  Also we have a Year 6 lad in for A Taster Day and he needs shadows to act as guides…Henry and Matthew would be perfect.

Down to Breakfast Club at 0800h and not a soul in sight which is proof that the Disco was a tiring event!  Off to the Gym to take down the blackouts so that Assembly wouldn’t be too gloomy.

It is cold outside and a number of girls decide to show community spirit and enter the Gym to set up for a Sports Assembly. Benches are moved, feathers from one of the Dance Competitions are cleared up and by 0835h we are ready to commence Assembly.  The children come in dressed in a ragbag assortment of clothing: dressing gowns; leather jackets; hoodies; chic dresses and casual cowboy gear.  Many are late in but we hear all the reports on the Sports matches.  We win some and we lose some but each performance is given equal applause.

Assembly over, I rush to my desk and check for anything urgent.  0905h. I decide to sit down and find out the definition and the origin of the word “Blog”.  I think this a sensible idea as Kim and Frances are going for training as to how to upload a blog and they will need to take a sample with them.

I type in B L O G but I should have been to Specsavers as all I managed was to Google  “blig” ; a word not in my personal dictionary!  And this was what I found:

Urban Dictionary:  blig

v. 1, to conquer or be conquered. 2, to perform a task, usually well. 3, to depart for a destination. Adj. functioning in a state of inebriety.

I have, therefore, bligged my first blog and I hope I have bligged it well!  I am bligging off to Spain with Fiona and Rowan for a five day holiday and there will be no bligging in our casa!

1015h. Time to teach Year 7 now and I still have not been able to look up the word blog.  Maybe next time!

Have a good Half Term holiday, one and all!

Yours ever,


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