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28th November 2012

Posted: 28th November 2012 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

Last Sunday morning I awoke early, opened the bedroom curtain and gazed in wonder at the rolling fields bathed in wan November sunlight.  The rain incessant for the past few days had taken time out and, it seemed, the wind had softened.

I raced downstairs, neatly sidestepped Dennis, the visiting cat, who was munching on Tuna-flavoured nuggets, and bounded into the bathroom to complete my morning routine.
I flung on my tracksuit, grabbed a quick bowl of porridge and decided to set off for Mayfield to purchase the Sunday papers and a packet of bacon for the family.

Opening the front door fair took my breath away as I savoured the chilly morning air.  The thermometer in the car told me the outside temperature was 4 degrees Celsius – with the wind chill factor the effect was positively arctic!

I loved the autumnal colours of the trees along the way and two minutes later I parked outside Raj’s emporium (Budgens).

The family pack of bacon was on offer and, as usual, I plumped for The Sunday Times.  Right on the front page: Top Prep School and Primary Schools listed.  Fascinating, I thought, and wended my way back to Skippers.

Making a bacon butty is an art form perfected through practice….mine was sublime!  And was much needed fuel as I had a morning’s rugby coaching ahead of me.  Did I have time to take a peek at the paper?  Ten minutes.

I skimmed rapidly through the Sports section; then sped through the Driving Section – I could leave the cultural bits till later – and then I opened the News Review with the league tables: and there we were “Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School”  listed at 75= in the Top 100 Prep Schools ..…. up from 92 last year.

I am not a great believer in League Tables but still – a celebratory libation later might be called for!

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