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Headmaster For The Day

Posted: 19th June 2019 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

I arrived at Skippers at 8am to face the unknown in my role as 'Headmaster For The Day'.

After greeting the children at drop off, I had the rather daunting honour of addressing the School during assembly; followed by participation in a Year 4 history lesson, a school tour, the Teddy Bears Picnic, break duties and finally a well earned Macaroni Cheese at a child-sized table and chairs with matching small people. I must say this was the highlight of the day as my fellow diners were relaxed and chatty and full of fun!

I will let the real Headmaster present the academic advantages of the School. My feedback is more a take on the human aspect.....

When we first visited Skippers as a family for the initial tour, we were totally sold in by the children themselves. I can now confirm, having spent time with the children in their environment and during their normal day, that my overwhelming impression is of a community with a culture of friendliness, a strong work ethic, inclusion and a degree of care for each other that exceeds expectation.

The people at Skippers transcend the physical space they occupy. By that, I mean that certain schools are very keen to promote buildings, equipment, space and "things", whilst shirts hang out and doors are left unheld for the person following behind. Skippers is the opposite and I had the genuine impression that the School provides an authentic home from home where the concept of a family atmosphere is a reality, not a sales pitch myth. The facilities are enjoyed to their fullest potential, the access to the outdoor play equipment and other goodies is fair and well managed by the children themselves. Even the pool is as warm as a bath (so I am told) and treats are shared and enjoyed by all at the appropriate time as I witnessed as cake was passed around at break time.

I spent time in the staff room as well as with the children and the culture of mutual respect and advancement is apparent here too.

My son thrives at Skippers and I can see why. I spent the day witnessing children laughing, learning and participating in engaging activities. Children I had met for a brief moment at drop off greeted me by name throughout the day and were at all times polite and friendly. This, for me, is what Skippers represents and why I will always recommend the School to other families with similar values.


Rafe Easter

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