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Half term Netball summary

Posted: 16th October 2014

The Netball season has got off to a fast-paced and exciting start at Skippers and I find it both rewarding and stimulating to teach across the year groups with a full view of the progression that happens through the years.  I am most impressed by the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the girls to improve their skills and techniques not only in lessons but in the voluntary lunch time Netball club held on a Thursday.

The U13's have played two Netball matches with one win and one loss! The use of the court space in a controlled and slick pattern is our strength and to work on is our movement in the shooting circle. As team practice, a group of tall and keen 'back to Netball' mothers came in to school to challenge our girls. The girls managed a 3-1 win and we will repeat this fun and useful experience in the next half of term when some new tactics have been learnt!

The U11's, who are an effective and extremely hard working team of girls, have won 3 and lost 1 match. Well done to Alice who is new and rising fast to the challenge of the team's powerful and accurate passing which is their real strength. Next for the U11's is to develop centre pass routines to feed the ball efficiently into the circle.

The U10's have welcomed three new players into the mix this term and already I can see a lovely young team developing which shows great promise as we sort out the feeling of positional play and get our shooting up to scratch. They have won one match and lost one.

The U9's have played some tough starter fixtures against older girls or much bigger schools but have improved immensely since the start of the season. We have gone from standing still to ask for the ball and bunching to really beginning to move with speed and timing to receive the ball in the space created by greater court awareness. We have lost two matches, won one and had a very exciting recent draw with some lovely and again, very promising play!

After half term I will give the girls a chance to play against the boys in the Netball club in which technique and knowledge is usually tested against some rather impressive intercepting skills! All good practice and more importantly, great fun!

Antonia Convert

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