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Guest Blog: Years 7 & 8 Careers Afternoon at Skippers Hill

Posted: 9th May 2013 | Category: Year 7, Year 8

By Samuel B, Sam C, Emily D, Amelia F, Sam H, Jay K, Gabby M, Tom S, Thomas S

What a fabulous opportunity to find out about different potential career options!

On 29th April we held our very first Careers Day.

Eight different professions were represented and we had a chance to hear about what was involved in these jobs, as well as asking a lot of questions. It was extremely enjoyable and a great opportunity for us to talk closely with professional people in our own environment. It has made many of us think that now is the time we should be thinking of our futures – just like the parents who spoke to us.

I was most surprised and interested when listening to the British Airways Purser as I realised that there was much more to this job than I had originally thought. One thing that really shocked me was the amount of medical knowledge required!

I loved listening to my heartbeat and checking my heartbeat with the Doctors! We used a variety of instruments such as a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer! We were shown how to stop severe bleeding and how to recognise the signs of someone having a heart attack.

The talk on heating and plumbing was great! I learnt how to disassemble a tap properly and then reassemble it; how to bend copper piping and read a gas meter.

We were told by the Property Developer that she has been involved in the renovation of buildings as well as developing projects from scratch. She explained to us that working in a group and achieving a brilliant end result is the most pleasing and satisfying feeling ever. And, whatever career you decide to go into – have fun!

Our guest Accountant works for a school so this was interesting for us to hear about. She explained what her job involves and that you do not have to be the greatest mathematician in the world to be an accountant! One of my favourite things about this job would be the opportunity to work from home sometimes.

I was able to visit the Training Consultant and this was a very interesting and enjoyable presentation. I learnt that you have to be a confident and inspiring speaker as well as having to be able to help companies with financial matters.

It was super talking to the pilot. He had chosen the same career path as I intend to: Air Cadets which I will be joining shortly. He said that the best way to become a pilot is to join the RAF. For this job you need to be good at Maths and Geography: well, if you are not, you will probably get lost and will not be able to calculate the amount of fuel needed for the journey. Better do some revision!

We learnt that jobs can be both stressful and fun at the same time and the afternoon gave us all an insight into some very interesting careers. Many of us feel that the afternoon really helped us to start thinking about our future. We would like to thank the parents for giving up their time to talk to us – they were inspirational and great role models.

Thank you on behalf of Years 7 and 8.

See photos from Years 7 and 8's Careers Afternoon here.

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