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Getting out!

Posted: 22nd March 2016 | Category: Kindergarten

Getting out!

Despite our sturdy weatherproof gear, it's sometimes hard to brave the bitter wind that has been whistling up the valley during the past couple of weeks. However, we know that the Skippers fields and woods will work their magic on us, so we get booted and suited and get out!
The preparation for a 'trek' follows a strict sequence.
"Everyone go to the toilet please."
Six children say that they went to the toilet just now when no-one was looking. Five more wander around the toilets comparing their underpants. One sings three verses of 'Twinkle Twinkle' before she gets off the loo. Two hide in the home corner.
" Please take off your shoes and line them up."
This goes quite well to start with, but then a fight breaks out over the line of shoes. Should they be side by side or heel to toe? Should they be arranged in alternate colours? ('repeating patterns' was a popular topic)
"Sit on the floor and put on your waterproof trousers please."
Mayhem ensues. We try to remain quietly encouraging, as sixteen children wave their legs in the air crying 'I can't do it!' 
Five minutes later, children stagger around with waterproofs pulled halfway up the leg, beaming.
"Now please find your wellies and put them on"
Three children claim to have grown out of their wellies and need to wear spares. The child with pink wellies looks sadly at her friend and says " Poor you! Your boots are only yellow with flowers." Two smalls put their wellies on their hands and biff the door. 
Finally we are on our way. What wonders await us?
We hurtle down to the woods and no-one falls or picks up animal poo.
We build castles in the long-jump pit, and dragon lairs under the fallen tree. We call for Peter Rabbit on the warren. We follow deer tracks across the muddy ground. We climb and run, play hide and seek and climb trees.

Was it worth it? You bet!

Loraine Pincott, Sue Reis, Jackie Newman and Emma Jones.

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