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Frozen Planet Topic - Juniors

Posted: 21st January 2015 | Category: Year 1, Year 2

As the temperature outside has been getting closer to zero degrees, what better topic to begin this term with than 'Frozen Planet'!

Year One and Two have been learning all about the Arctic and Antarctica. They have loved looking at big world maps and finding out about which animals live at each pole. We spent last week finding out all about penguins and how there are about 17 different species of penguins including the Chinstrap, Emperor, Rockhopper, Adelie and Gentoo. We have cut out life-sized  penguins to see how different kinds of penguin vary in height and how they compare to us. They were quite surprised to find out that the male Emperor penguin was taller than most of them!

We particularly enjoyed filling the tough tray with miniature plastic penguins and a range of different sensory resources to represent snow including shaving foam, rice, cotton wool and snow sprinkles!

We extended our work on snow to paintings of snowmen and creative writing about being inside a snow globe. The children then went on to write Snow Shape poems and they came up with some lovely original similes: "Snow is as white as a penguin's tummy" and "Snow is as soft as animal fur."

Well done, Juniors, for all your hard work so far this term. We will leave you with this joke from a Year One pupil: How many penguins does a Polar Bear eat in one year?!  

 Click here to see photos.

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