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Early Years engaging with the Tooth Fairies

Posted: 1st March 2018 | Category: Reception

Reception are learning about being fit and healthy at the moment - and it's much more fun than it sounds.
The children surprised us, as usual, with their prior knowledge; fruit and vegetables are good for us because peas contain vitamin P, which is logical. They were also very clear about the advantages of exercise (it makes you tall)  with swimming and PE with Mr Gurran being the favourite activities.
We are always keen to take advantage of the expertise of our parents, so we asked our dentist Mummy to come in, talk to the children and give some advice on looking after our teeth. We got so much more than we were expecting!  Amelie's Mummy brought her dental nurse with her and they were both wonderful with the children. We had a fun and informative afternoon, learning which foods and drinks are good for us, and about plaque and the correct way to brush. We listened to some stories about looking after your teeth and the evils of Sugar Bugs.  The children practised brushing on a giant set of teeth and Amelie demonstrated the purple magic of disclosing tablets! 
At the end of the session the children were delighted to given a goody bag full of useful 'toothy stuff'.
Thank you very much to Juanette and Sarah, we had a great afternoon and learnt a lot. 
Mrs Pincott and Michelle

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