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Wellbeing at the Heart of Early Years

Posted: 4th October 2019 | Category: Headmaster's Blog, Kindergarten

“One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” Maria Montessori

National and regional statistics confirm that a high percentage of Skippers children are judged as exceeding the expected level of development at the end of the Early Years Foundation stage. There are many contributory factors to the excellent outcomes for our very youngest children; our close and supportive relationships with parents; highly trained and committed staff, and the wonderful environment in which we are lucky enough to work and play.

There is another factor though, which is at the heart of our practice here at Skippers, and that is our regard for the children’s well being. A safe and happy child will absorb experiences, make links, develop new connections and feel free to experiment with their learning. From their very first experience of Skippers at Fun Friday, our smallest children are given the time to make attachments with their future teachers, become familiar with the school environment, and feel safe and comfortable here. Our ‘Settling In’ policy is adapted for each individual child, to ensure that those vital attachments with parents and carers are supported whilst the transition takes place.

We believe that the well being of the children is all important. It is not difficult for trained and experienced early years teachers to provide meaningful and challenging learning experiences for the children in their care. However, in order for the children to maintain interest and benefit from those experiences, they must feel safe, secure and happy in their environment. That is why the children’s wellbeing is so important and why it is at the heart of our practice.

‘Healthy minds and healthy bodies’ will be at the forefront of our practice this year, following on from our ‘Healthy Eating and Physical activity’ focus last year. One of our new team members, Ruth Walker, is a gymnastics coach who will be teaching the children once a week in an extra PE session - the children will have the opportunity to take part in a pre-gymnastics programme, and will work towards earning their badges and certificates which will be presented in assembly. Next term, we hope to be able to invite parents in to watch a demonstration and share in the children's success. 

We are also very happy to have Mrs Laura Ward as the newest member of our team, leading the Reception class. We have had the pleasure of welcoming last year’s Upper Kindergarten children back to talk to us about their learning, and to demonstrate that they are learning to read ‘real words’!

We as a team are very much looking forward to an exciting year of fun and achievement!

Loraine Pincott, Head of Early Years.

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