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Creativity Across the Curriculum

Posted: 22nd March 2019 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

It is a pleasure to see how much creative thinking has been on show across the school in recent weeks and which is on show in this edition of our newsletter.

In the coming months, you will start to hear more from the school about the exciting ways in which we are planning to enhance our curriculum. Further strengthening the provision for all pupils at the school and enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge that they will require for future life in the 21st Century, is an exciting project for staff at Skippers. Alongside the core language and number skills that remain as important as ever, children entering the workforce in the coming decades will need a range of aptitudes to compete effectively in an increasingly global marketplace for jobs. It is our role to prepare them for this.

A core element of this vital skill set is creativity, and not simply in the traditional sense of ‘being artistic’. Creativity is an essential mindset in a rapidly evolving world; enabling an open-minded and adaptable attitude, with the ability to forge new meanings and alternative solutions to existing and unforeseen problems, will be increasingly important for our young people as they move forward in their education and whatever their chosen careers will be - and it is likely that today’s children will have several!

At Skippers, work has already started behind the scenes on research and professional dialogue on how to support the development of the appropriate skill set and knowledge base for each and every child at the school. I look forward to sharing more with you in due course.

Best wishes,

Mark Hammond.

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