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Celebrating Achievement

Posted: 13th March 2020 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

Despite all that is happening around the world at the moment and the potential for new challenges and opportunities for all of us in the coming weeks and months, there is always time to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our pupils.

The Spring Term is the period when most scholarship assessments take place for senior schools and once again Skippers pupils have punched well above their weight. An amazing sixteen children from Year 8 applied for various scholarship awards this year and the senior schools have reported back how well all of our candidates conducted themselves and enjoyed the talent on offer. In the end, Skippers pupils achieved 10 awards in the field of sport, drama, art and academics and it is a pleasure to support and develop the talents of all of the children at the school. An amazing achievement.

Every week in our celebration assembly we hear about how well the children have displayed effective learning characteristics and what positive members of our school community they have been. We also often hear about pursuits from outside school including rock climbing, dancing, horse-riding and fencing to name but a few. We are committed to celebrating and recognising the whole-child.

This term I have been delighted to welcome so many children to share their academic work with me and award a headmaster’s distinction: 60 so far this year and still counting! It is a genuine pleasure to see the work they are producing and the pride they take in their progress.

Well done to all the children who achieve so much in so many areas: cherishing this is a real strength of the school and we will continue to support, develop and celebrate the children’s achievements whatever is going on in the wider world!

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