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Bravery Comes in Many Forms

Posted: 5th February 2020 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

A number of bleary-eyed pupils, staff and parents made their way into school on Wednesday morning after a fantastic trip to the O2 Young Voices choir event last night. Once again this was an amazing opportunity to sing with thousands of other children and create lifelong memories. The children are still buzzing with the happiness that singing brings!

Also on Wednesday morning the Year 3 children delivered a fabulous assembly to pupils and parents showcasing their learning on the Ancient Egyptians. Replete with facts, drama, objets d’art and a full reenactment of the mummification process, the children impressed everyone with their confidence and sheer joy on stage.

You will have seen in yesterday’s Week Ahead mailing that we will be attending the Bellevue Music Festival in March, which is then followed swiftly by the Musical Theatre Club’s performance of ‘Honk! The Musical’. In addition to all the other performing arts evenings, curriculum music and drama, individual lessons, workshops, trips and productions I continue to be delighted by the opportunities provided for the children to enjoy the full range of performing arts at Skippers and build the personal confidence that speaking and performing in public brings.

This couldn’t have been exemplified better than on Tuesday morning when I asked if any pupil was brave enough to come up in assembly and sing a song unaccompanied and unprepared - it won’t surprise you to learn that the children did not let me down and I marvel at their courage!

Bravery comes in many forms and this week - during children’s mental health week - we have been talking to the children about finding the courage to discuss their feelings and support their friends. There is no doubt in my mind that engaging in performing arts provides a great boost for children’s resilience, joy, courage and confidence and I am thrilled that the opportunities provided by our talented and committed teachers go from strength to strength at the school.

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