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Be Kind

Posted: 27th February 2020 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

“We are a kind and friendly school!”

It’s a phrase we often say at Skippers and for what it’s worth, I do believe we have more than our share of ‘kindness’ at Skippers. Without a doubt, this is down to our beautiful and relaxed physical environment and our warm, open pupils but kindness is a value we should never take for granted. Events such as ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ and specific kindness ambassadors promote a culture of care and thoughtfulness across the school.

Although Skippers provides a hugely positive environment where kindness is actively promoted and rewarded, our youngsters can be increasingly exposed to examples of unkindness around them in the wider cultural context. Social media network platforms offer plenty to inspire but also risk raising insecurity and exposure to criticism and unkindness. Indeed, tragic, high profile events recently in the media draw this into sharp focus and may even lead to some users shutting down social media profiles.

Unfortunately, kindness is not a default position for everybody and we all have the potential to get it wrong from time to time. Like all other values, it is aspirational – it must be taught, sought and cherished. Like literacy or numeracy, the virtues we want to see in our young people must be modelled and deliberately taught as they grow towards adulthood. It is a long-term project in which parents, guardians, family and school work together to support children’s moral development

The truth is we all need kindness. A truly kind person is not easily forgotten or cast aside. Life is better with the support of someone to give us time and understanding. Everyone needs a listening ear and a generous response on occasion. 

Kindness is a true ‘value’ in that it is truly valuable. Put into meaningful action, it retains the power to turn lives around and is perhaps the key ingredient in what makes Skippers such a great place to be. 

Mr Leggett - Deputy Head

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