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A year on Lottie has become part of the fabric of the school

Posted: 5th May 2017 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

Looking back at my blogs from this time last year we were just about to take delivery of a small and cuddly chocolate labrador and excitement levels across the school were sky high! A year on and Lottie has become part of the fabric of the school. In assembly at the start of this term, the children learned how to recognise dog body language and how best to meet and greet our canine friends; on Monday 8th May the charity ‘Dogs Helping Kids’ will be visiting Skippers to assess the environment and how the school community interact with Lottie. I have no doubt that the children will do a brilliant job of showing how much they know!
Lottie has now moved into the next phase of her training and is starting to spend more time in the classroom and working with individuals. Teachers have been invited to send pupils who have done excellent work up to show Lottie and she is also working as a therapy dog where this is helpful to individual children. The research base is very clear: dogs in schools can have a positive impact on many levels, not least encouraging children to pick up their litter!
Good luck to all the children, adults and animals taking assessments next week - I am sure each and every one of you will do yourselves proud.

Focus of the Fortnight

In House Assemblies this week the children were talking about how to take pride in other people’s achievements … an important (if sometimes difficult) principle for children. What could your child take pride in at home?

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