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A quote from one of my favourite writers

Posted: 23rd May 2014 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

A quote from one of my favourite writers:

"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun"- Kahlil Gibran

At last the sun is at the mast! Skippers is bathed in glorious light as I sit at my desk writing a blog  - in the background the clip-clopping of iron shod hooves echoing down the lane. I turn my head to see a young rider astride a bonny palomino, trotting proudly in the early morning air.

I just love May at Skippers: the sound of leather on willow; the merry screams of girls in competition playing Rounders; the resonant thump of tennis balls on the court; the giggles and happy voices emanating from the swimming pool; little children making daisy-chains; and the sight of so many classes al fresco exploring habitats or sketching flora….marvellous!

In May we always support the annual Mayfield May Fayre. This is a lovely event and we are invited to open the festival by maypole dancing in front of the villagers and tourists.

As Easter was so late, the Summer term began on 28th April which would allow us just three practice sessions to put the complicated maypole dances into some order. I was also very concerned that the East Grinstead Arts’ Festival was being staged at the same time as the Mayfield Fayre and that a huge contingent of our pupils would be involved in this. Therefore, in the holidays, I sent out an urgent email to my senior pupils asking for volunteers – I needed eight experienced dancers who were not involved in the East Grinstead Festival. Sure enough nine came to my rescue.

The nine soon became sixteen: ten experts and six newcomers. The Year 7 and 8 girls soon knocked the tyros into shape and we were ready.

On 10th May the sixteen dancers lined up behind The Green Man and the Mayfield Silver Band and were followed by children from other local schools. The jolly procession made its way up the High Street and gave due laud and honour to the May Queen and, unusually, breaking with tradition, to the May King!  

The dances were fast, intricate and polished and were greeted with rapturous applause. In the final dance, the King and Queen were invited to dance around the Maypole with our children – a touching spectacle.

My thanks to the fourteen great girls and the two brave boys for saving my bacon. And I hope you relished the ice creams!

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