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A Productive Fortnight in Year 5

Posted: 2nd October 2014 | Category: Year 5

Year 5 pupils had a productive couple of weeks. All (apart from those with broken wrists and other ailments) have been involved in representing the school in netball or football, and the performances are improving all the time as we regain our match fitness and develop our skill base and game awareness. 

Lots of raffle tickets are being won and the children are really enjoying our weekly, in-class ‘Special Person’ event. This gives the children a chance to reflect on the qualities of their peers and share positive thoughts with each other as we build our friendships and class community.

Lessons have been fun and challenging: in History things got heavy as we tried to work with Roman numerals! Anoushka gave a great presentation on the archaeological dig at home and Ela won the Work of the Week prize for an outstanding piece of homework. The children are loving Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kenuke’s Kingdom’ in Miss Alexander’s English lessons and things are getting very exciting there! We all loved seeing characters from Roald Dahl parading around the school and showed our love of books at the book fair.

The children have started some simple computer programming in ICT (‘This is cool!’ says one) and are creating ‘sprites’ as I write! I look forward to seeing their finished games.
Happy birthdays to James and Molly!

Coming up!: Looking forward to our trip out to the Dome in Brighton next week (7/10) … can’t wait to see the children getting involved and showing off their talents! 

At home: Children have been understanding the benefits of practicing their spellings for five or ten minutes every day. They can use the Look Cover Write Check method for practising, but should also make sure they know what the words mean! As well as working on spellings, this activity also serves as vocabulary expansion. These spellings are differentiated to allow children to improve their spelling at their level.

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