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24th January 2011

Posted: 24th January 2011 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

At last! A lie-in! My daughter usually has Saturday morning school but had decided to stay in bed nursing her mystery condition. Therefore I was afforded a chance to recharge the batteries, pick up last Sunday’s unread newspaper and delve into the travel section, scouring each page for a bargain sunny destination to make up for the drab January morn awaiting me.

“Don’t forget to phone the blind man,” Fiona uttered across the breakfast table.

I was slightly bemused.

“Which blind man?” I queried.

“The one who called yesterday. I left a note in the middle of your desk!”

The emphasis on the word middle spoke volumes! Fiona was subtly reminding me that my desk resembled a litter lout’s dream; a tidy desk is a tidy mind; you should have checked the desk last night before you came up – you were late enough anyway!

“I don’t know any blind men!” I retaliated.

“He seemed very nice and well-spoken” Fiona continued. “He wants you to call him back about the quote!”

I had visions of a Shakespeare’s Gloucester in King Lear and then the proverbial penny dropped! The BLIND man – the man who “quoted” to put the blinds in the new ICT Suite.

Prudently, I disappeared downstairs with my cup of tea to phone the blind man.

Fed, watered, showered, shaved, dressed and downstairs, I was ready for work.

Job Number 1: today’s post. I was still chuckling at the morning’s misunderstanding as I dealt with the mass of circulars that plague the mail. I always sort through the mountain of inanity first, leaving the more interesting letters to last. One large envelope, with a Tonbridge School etiquette, looked enticing. Some good news! Samuel Baldwin has been awarded a place at Tonbridge for entry in 2013 subject to passing Common Entrance and subject to a “satisfactory final report”. I wonder how much a “satisfactory final report” will be worth….? I am truly delighted for Samuel and I must remember to congratulate him in Assembly on Monday and hand out a plethora of certificates for trumpet, baritone, piano and flute to some of our other multi-talented kids…write it down!

Job Number 2: off to The Library to see how far Gary and Alan’s team of builders are along the road to completing the ICT Suite with its separate library provision. The official opening is at the Open Morning on the 12th February but I am desperate to have the basics in by Tuesday as I have a number of prospective parents coming to Skippers.

Back in a jiffy!

It looks fantastic! The IT wallah, Steven, is arriving on Monday to network the computers and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday – I hope the blind man comes soon too!

Job Number 3: my final task today, before donning my paternal hat and helping my daughter with The Great Gatsby, will be to finish off marking Year 8’s English papers – aren’t they lucky I am in such a good humour today!

Tim Lewis

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