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Young Voices at the O2 - A Musical Extravaganza!

Posted: 5th February 2020

Young Voices at the O2 - A Musical Extravaganza!

“Wow the O2 is HUGE!”

“There’s so many children from other schools!”

“It was so much fun!”

“What an amazing experience!”

Just a few of the exclamations made by the children in Senior Choir who went on an adventure to sing at the Young Voices Concert at the O2 on Tuesday 4th February. This was the biggest group from Skippers ever to attend with 38 children from our 46 strong choir choosing to go on the trip and to have the opportunity to sing with close to 9,000 other children from other schools. 

The adventure began at 11.00am when we left Skippers and headed to the O2 in London driven by a very popular bus driver. Squeals of “Oh it’s Kevin again!” and “Kevin’s the best driver!” were heard as we walked towards the coach. As we made our way to the O2 there was time for some last minute practise of the songs on the coach before we arrived and joined the many other children making their way from the coach park to the O2.

After enjoying our packed lunches it was time to enter the arena and this was an awe inspiring moment as we made our way to our seats and looked out at the vast space we were going to be performing in.

The afternoon was filled with our rehearsal with the other schools and soon there was the sound of thousands of voices belting out popular tunes such as ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Shotgun’ and a Queen medley alongside more traditional tunes such as ‘Ode to Joy’ and a ‘Best of the West’ musical theatre medley. The sound of so many children singing together and being accompanied by a live band and having such a wonderful time was incredible. 

There were starstruck children as Ruti the winner of The Voice came on stage to perform with the children, as well as The Shires and Tony Hadley, and then we all had to get our dancing shoes on and join in with The Urban Stripes - a truly brilliant moment where all the teachers could be seen grooving away to Bruno Mars and trying to copy the dance moves, which in turn sent the children into hysterics!

After our tea break it was time for the arrival of parents and the performance and this was when it became truly magical. Lighting created an extraordinary atmosphere and gave it the feel of taking part in a pop concert. The children sang their hearts out with enthusiasm and fun and enjoyed extra performances from the guest singers and dancers. 

We made our way back to school with the children buzzing from the experience (despite feeling quite tired by that point). Wonderful memories have been created and the Skippers children acquitted themselves brilliantly through the day. Huge thanks must also go to Mr Tier and Mrs Johnson who accompanied and supported us brilliantly on the trip.

It was tremendous fun but above all it was a day where the power of music and singing and the joy you can have taking part in it was on full display and I am so glad we were able to experience it. 

Jennifer Farman

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