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Years 3 and 4 proudly perform Jonah

Posted: 4th April 2014 | Category: Drama, Year 3, Year 4

On 25th May, children in Years 3 and 4 performed their adaptation of ‘Jonah’ to the rest of the school, followed by parents and families.

Watch a short video of their performance:

Read some of the pupils’ reflections on the show:

“Years 3 and 4 did a brilliant play. It was a musical called Jonah. It was about a man who was told by God to go to Ninevah but he didn’t listen and went to Spain with a Senorita instead! He fell asleep on the ship and there was a big storm. He thought it was his fault so he told the captain to throw him overboard. A whale swallowed him but when he prayed to God the whale vomited him out! Jonah went to Ninevah and all was made well.” Lucie & Jiya

“I played the part of Jonah and my favourite part was when I was in the belly of the whale because I could feel the imaginary slime and goo from the whale. On the evening performance, I would rate the play 10 out of 10.” Dylan

“In my scene I was a pirate with Lucie. The bit that I liked was my line, “Nice hat, Leg It,” that the audience laughed at. Out of 10 I think it was a 10.” James

“I was a sailor and one of the songs was ‘Heave Ho’. Personally, I would give the final performance 10 out of 10.” Ollie

“I played the part of the main Senorita. I wore a long black and pink dress with spots, frills and some lace. I said something in each scene. I liked the songs ‘Heave Ho’ and ‘Ninevah’, the best.” Baylee

“I played the part of a sailor and a dad. Guthrie’s crab costume looked ridiculous and I liked the crown on his head. He wore fluffy slippers. Rating: ***** ” Matthew

“I played the part of Narrator in our play. I rather enjoyed being Narrator because I got to say Jonah’s prayer. I think the play went very well. Better than I thought.” Molly

“With the beautiful artwork, the props and the marvellous acting, I thought it was the best show I’ve ever performed in.” Lizzie

“I played the part of Leg It. Leg It is the comedy part of the show and he has an identical twin called Peg It. They are very funny.” Anoushka

“I played the part of the Yorkshire crab. I think the audience loved it, especially my dad who laughed at every part of it, mostly mine because I was the comedy in it.” Guthrie

View photos of Years 3 and 4 in action.

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