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Years 3 & 4 Treasure Island

Posted: 22nd June 2012 | Category: Year 3, Year 4


The pupils in Years 3 and 4 have worked extremely hard this term to produce a superb musical version of Treasure Island.

They performed with great enthusiasm and singing and acting skills were excellent.

They received many well-deserved compliments from the audience and clearly felt very proud of their achievements.

Here are a few comments from the cast:

Adam:  I liked it when it was time for an encore – everybody was joining in.

Hector: That was the best play I’ve ever done.

Joshua:  This is the best play I’ve ever been in and it was extremely fun.

Ivo:  My part in the play may not be very big but it was fun bringing on the treasure chest and sniggering at one of the jokes.

Francis:  My favourite part is when Monty fell off the boat saying, “Aaaaaah! Splash!”

Atholl:  My favourite line was “Avast, you scurvy rodent”, because everyone laughed.

Ben:  My favourite song was ‘Cheese on toast’ because it made the audience laugh.

Tiegan:  When the play started I was really scared but when we got on the stage it was calming.

Flora:  I thought the play was amazing and my favourite bit was when Ben Gun caught a fish.

Thomas:  My favourite part of the play was when Samara (a mouse) tried to climb up Jim’s arm!

Amber:  The play was so exciting! It is a very funny play because Jack says, “I’ve had enough of ships I’d be better off on the wagon”.  It made a lot of parents laugh.

Anne Foden, Y3 Teacher

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