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Year 8 celebrate end of year exams in Dorset

Posted: 18th June 2015

Year 8’s Trip to Dorset

On 5th June 2015, the year 8 class alongside Mr Lewis and Mrs Alsop set off on a four hour journey to Weymouth, Dorset. After stopping once to stretch our legs and eat some breakfast, we arrived on the beach in Weymouth Bay. The weather was bright so we decided to play a game of beach volleyball. A little while later, we began our short ride to our caravans. Mr Lewis and Mrs Alsop chose the roommates and we played a game of football. For dinner, a BBQ was cooked professionally by some of our year, we had a bit of fun, and then we went to bed.

We were woken up early to begin our hike. After a couple of miles we stopped for a lunch at a quarry. The walk back was uphill and long, so for dinner we were allowed to buy a takeaway, pizza being chosen by the majority.

On Sunday, we were meant to go for a second walk but unfortunately Matt had to visit the local A&E department due to a footballing accident. Instead, we went to the nearest park and enjoyed a game of donkey. That evening, we were challenged to make a three course meal using all the ingredients we were given in a caravan vs caravan competition. A few interesting dishes were made in the process of this contest but luckily no one was food poisoned and all the food was edible.

Our return journey started on the mid Monday morning. After our first stop at Sainsbury’s, we were meant to have a “10 minute” drive to the park. An hour later, we finally stopped to have a picnic. For a third time in the same day, we had our final stop at yet another Sainsbury’s store. We all piled out of the buses to find out the results of the previous night’s cookery challenge. It ended in a draw and the prize was an ice cream. Eventually, we got back to school at four after having a broken up journey.

By Francesca Plaskett

Dorset 2015

Dorset is the thing that every Yr8 looks forward to after the dreaded Common Entrance and this year definitely lived up to our expectations. We always had an activity to do such as; playing football, going swimming, walking on the cliffs and of course the famous “Ready Steady Cook”.

We loved staying in the caravans, I was lucky as Sarah and I shared the biggest room, with the luxury of our own bathroom! The weather was glorious, if a bit windy, so we could enjoy the walks, appreciate the view from the Dorset coast and play beach volleyball.

My favourite part was the “Ready Steady Cook” competition between the caravans because it let us have more freedom, we used some good teamwork and it was delicious. Personally I think my caravan won with our homemade vegetable soup, chicken carbonara and peach surprise even though the teachers said it was a draw!

The Dorset trip 2015 was really fun and I know that everyone enjoyed themselves!

Verity Mack
June 2015

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