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Year 7 visit the site of The Battle of Hastings 950 years on

Posted: 11th October 2016 | Category: Year 7, Years 5 to 8

On the 14th October 1066, an event took place that was to change our history forever. The battle of Hastings, where William, Duke of Normandy took the English crown, was fought and won by the Norman army. King Harold’s Saxons were destroyed and England had a new King - William I. We were shown around the Abbey that William built, by Brother James.

Year 7 went on a trip to the famous site 950 years after the battle. What did they see and do?

Ruby: I enjoyed the Discovery Centre  where we could lift and feel the weight of  axes and shields. I did not realise how heavy they were. We also watched a very interesting film where we learnt lots about the battle.

Guthrie: We explored the haunted novices chamber where there are supposed to be dead monks walking around. Apparently, because I lay in a grave, now I am possessed by a hunchback midget monk!

Molly: Brother James was very nice and we ate some cake, in the library, that was very rich. Most people didn’t get to finish it because it was so rich and big. The library had lots of framed paintings of the previous owners of the Abbey. One of them if you moved around and looked at the painting at the same time it looked like she was staring at you no matter where you went. That was creepy. Father James said to us that some of the students couldn’t do their exams in there because they were to creeped out by it. The library was very big and the shelves were designed intricately. They were asked to be made by one of the people who owned the Abbey once. They were wooden book cases.

Sarah: When we got there Brother James showed us the the room where there was a big painting of the battle which was by Frank Wilkin. It is the largest painting made in England with one canvas. The painting was hidden under the ground for 140 years: by the time it came out it had rotted and the mice had nibbled it a bit

Lizzie: We saw the rough place where Harold Godwinson was supposed to of died. It was marked with a big stone laid on the ground, which had the inscription: “This stone marks the position of the high altar behind which King Harold is said to have been buried 1066.”

Freddy: We got to Battle and were greeted by Brother James, a monk, and saw a huge painting of the Battle of Hastings, it was painted by a painter who normally did lockets which are tiny. We were shown the place where the Saxon shield wall would of been 950 years ago. We saw pictures of the Duchess of Cleveland whose eyes were supposed to follow you wherever you walked. I particularly enjoyed  looking at the old Abbey.
Jiya: We went to the library and saw lots of paintings, of everyone who used to live in Battle Abbey. One of the paintings was really creepy because her eyes followed you wherever you went. Brother James told us that students said that they couldn't do their exams because she kept on staring at them.

Matt B: We saw the stone marking the rough spot where Harold fell on the battlefield in 1066.

Lucie: Brother James showed us round the the abbey. He was a very nice guy. He told us lots of facts about the abbey including some creepy photos of ghosts. Also he showed us where someone important was buried and choose Guthrie to lie down in it. It was really funny. After that Miss Alexander took us round the rest of the Abbey. Most of us took some photos. We were very lucky with the weather because it was sunny and not raining.

Toby: When we had a break to have some snacks we went into a library filled with paintings of all the previous owners of the abbey. I took some pictures of the paintings because I thought it would be a good photo… but when I took a picture of the Duchess of Cleveland, something weird happened. I zoomed into the photo and there was another ghost-like face next to the actual Duchess! I was awarded the most paranormal photo of the day by Brother James.

Matthew Terry: When we had snacks in the library and there was a ‘follow me eye painting’. It was quite cool because the reason for it was a strangely painted knee. It was also Bennett’s birthday (Wooo!). In the abbey there was the largest one-canvas painting in England.

Joseph Scott: We went to miss Alexander’s house for lunch ( just the garden, sadly, we didn’t go inside.) We played man hunt and during the exploration I fell prey to the two crazy Matthew’s!


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