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Year 7 Tell Us About Online Learning

Posted: 10th June 2020

Year 7 Tell Us About Online Learning

With Year 7 at home for the foreseeable future, we have adapted the timetable to include plenty of group work and opportunities for them to speak to us and to each other face-to-face.  The pupils have been fantastic: they are open about their frustrations, whilst coming to lessons and tutor times with a positive attitude.  Of course we are supporting them, but it really is mutual: their determination to make the most of school and home is a boost to us as teachers too.

Here are a few comments from our Year 7s on how they are finding working from home.

"So far I have really enjoyed remote learning. The best thing is that we can all work at our own pace and not have to slow down or become quicker to suit the whole class. The biggest challenge is keeping yourself on track and not getting distracted, this is hard because you’ve got everything you would ever want if you were bored."

"I have enjoyed quarantine. I would say that there is only one problem, and that is that because we are at home, I get quite easily distracted because my home is usually the place I can relax, but now we are doing school at home so in my opinion it is harder to learn at home. There have been a few technical difficulties but we have got over them eventually."

"My view of remote learning so far is that it is kind of fun but can be frustrating and stressful at times having to get to lessons on time without 5 minute breaks: it goes from one directly to the next one. It is also nice though doing it at home because you’re with your family. You also get to do some of your own things at home too. It is also stressful if you don’t know if you have everything. Finally, you also miss your friends and you don’t get to go outside."

"My view of remote learning so far has been fun and also an enjoyable experience. I think in some lessons I have worked harder than I would at school (not sure that my parents would agree!). I also learnt to be more independent and not rely on other people to tell me what lesson it is and what I need to do. I have also had more time with my family increasing our relationship."

 "I think that the best part of quarantine is when I socially distance and see friends. I would say that my biggest challenge so far would be that I am not able to see my friends the whole time which is annoying and sad. My family and I fall out sometimes because it’s stressful."

"The biggest challenge I have found is not being able to see my friends at school and not being able to play sports. The best thing about quarantine is that we are safe from the virus and we have a lot of time to be with our families. Overall, I would definitely rather be at school so I could play sports and be with my friends."

"My siblings are not really useful: I see [my sister] too much and my parents. My mum helps me with lots of things, plus she is amazing at French, but my dad does work all day and he calls people all day which is unfortunate.  I 100% prefer normal school: I get to see my friends and see teachers so they can help me whenever and it's way more fun."

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