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Year 7 Showcase Effective Learning

Posted: 26th November 2019

Year 7  Showcase Effective Learning

As part of the new Global Social and Ethical (GSE) curriculum, Year 7 explored some of the Historical and Geographical sites in Sussex - an opportunity for them to take their classroom learning into the real world. Throughout the day the children showcased their excellent effective learner characteristics. Below is a write up of the day by Lizzie P giving examples of how she was an effective learner throughout the day.

On Friday the 8th of November, Year 7 went to Battle Abbey School and learnt about the Battle of Hastings. I was interested when they showed us the hill the Normans had to run up. They also showed us a painting of the Battle of Hastings which was incredible. We had to be self-disciplined at Battle Abbey because there were people learning there. (curious)(engaged)(self-disciplined)

After we'd seen Battle Abbey, we drove to Birling Gap. On the drive there, we saw Pevensey Castle and Eastbourne seafront. Mr. Tier told us to look to the right when we were going past Pevensey Castle. We were reflective because we had to think back to lessons and decide why we thought Pevensey castle was built there. Then, we drove past Eastbourne seafront. We were reflective again because we had to remember whether it was a bay or a headland. Then we arrived at Birling Gap. (reflective).

When we arrived at Birling Gap we didn't go straight onto the beach. First, we looked at some houses at the cliff edge. We were reflective because we saw part of the house that had fallen away and had to say why it had fallen. The cliff under it had fallen because of erosion. Then, we had lunch on the beach. After that, the group I was in went to the information building. We had to be self-disciplined because it was a public place. I was curious because I found out what smugglers used to smuggle in and out of England. Then the groups swapped and my group went to look at a fallen part of the cliff. (self-disciplined)(curious)(reflective)

We walked along the beach to a bit of the fallen cliff. We had been learning about erosion in class so it was interesting to see the effects in real life. I banged chalk against a stone to see how it crumbled and I knew chalk would crumble because it's a soft rock. Mr. Leggett talked to us about why the chalk pieces were round where we were sitting. It was because the chalk had been there for quite a long time and the sea had scraped it. We then took a photo standing against the cliff wall. (reflective) (curious) (engaged).

After lunch at Birling Gap, we drove to Cuckmere river. I put on my wellies and we walked to the side of Cuckmere river. We couldn't see the meanders because the river had flooded. We walked for a very long time which was very tiring, especially since we were wearing wellies but we were resilient because we didn't give up. Finally, we arrived at some pillboxes and I climbed on top of one. Then we walked back. In total, we walked for about an hour and twenty minutes. After the walk, we got on the buses and drove home. Over the whole trip I was positive because however tired I got, I carried on and had fun and I was adaptable because I learnt outside of the classroom.

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