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Year 7 Reunite at Bowles

Posted: 7th July 2020 | Category: Year 7

Year 7 Reunite at Bowles

An account by one of the Year 7's 

On 1st July, Year 7 took a trip to Bowles. When everyone got there we walked up the massive hill and to our base;-  here the instructor told us how important it was to stay in our bubbles and social distance, and put all our stuff down. For about an hour we did a girls versus boys scavenger hunt. There were around 35 things we had to do/find. The girls won with 29 points;- the boys got 22.

After we found out the results of the hunt, we were told how to put on our harnesses. It was harder than it usually is as the instructor couldn't help us fit it correctly because of Covid-19. were doing the “Leap of Faith”. Many of us were scared as we walked through the woods to get to the activity. When we got there, Nick explained how to secure your harness to the rope. Nick then went on to explain how the other girls would be holding the rope and keeping them safe. 

Erin went first, and managed to complete it with no trouble. It was a very good start and it helped others that weren’t so confident see that it wasn’t so scary. It was very exciting and so much fun. The pole wobbled so much and it made you feel a rush of nerves and excitement. We had a go each and then walked slowly back towards our base. A few minutes later the boys came back from their activity, high ropes, and we discussed, from a distance, how our activities had been. 

Phil and Nick, the instructors, told us we were going to do sledging for the last 15-20 minutes. We all had many goes and it was then time to go home. 

The next day the girls and boys switched activities, the girls did High Ropes. 

The last thing we did was go sledging again but this time we went on the smaller slope;-we thought it wasn’t going to be as fun as it was smaller, but it had sprinklers on it so it was such fun. 

Overall I think we all really enjoyed it! 

It was great being able to see each other again.

By Alice C

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