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Year 6 Win Maths Team Challenge

Posted: 13th February 2019

Year 6 Win Maths Team Challenge

When most people think of “Maths", of all the words which they associate with it, “fun” is probably not high on the list. However, our Year 6 mathematicians are not “most people”. On Monday, two teams of four went to take part in a Maths Team Challenge event at Mayfield school, which very definitely ticked the “fun” box for them all.

There were four rounds; the first, a basic “find the answer” round; next, a logic puzzle to solve, involving five families, how many children were in each, what pets and what colour car they owned, as well as where they went on holiday; and lastly, before lunch, a fiendishly tricky “crossnumber”, where more than half the clues required other clues to be completed first.

Lunch was delicious and set the children up nicely for a quick visit to the school farm before returning to take on the relay round. Each team split into pairs; one pair solved a question and when they had the correct answer, they ran to their adjudicator, who gave them the next one which they passed on to the other half of the pair. Much delight at their successes and a certain amount of frustration whilst they sat and waited for the other pair to complete their question!

It seemed only a few moments (actually it was 40 minutes!) before the bell went to indicate “5 minutes to go”, and then, suddenly, it was all over. The scores were counted. The tension mounted. And then it was announced: we had come third and first from the eight teams. An amazing result, against some considerably larger schools.

Well done to both of our teams, who took it in the spirit it was intended; they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to their school. They showed many of the characteristics of our Effective Learner Profile: “adaptable”, “resilient”, “challenge-seeking”, “engaged”, “positive” to name a few.

Thanks to Mayfield School, and Mrs Motoc in particular, for organising such a fun day.

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