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Year 6 on Returning to a Different School Life

Posted: 10th June 2020

Year 6 on Returning  to a Different School Life

It seems that everyone has missed school and returning felt like some normality had resumed and meant that there was a routine again! I have been so impressed with the manner in which the children have conducted themselves in understanding the Health and Safety aspects of school and how they have engaged with another new style of learning in such a short space of time. 

Whilst there were the inevitable teething problems of balancing the teaching of children in the classroom and also on a screen at home, all of the teachers here have once again developed a new style of delivering lessons and adapted brilliantly. I think one of the phrases that I keep hearing from people of all ages  during  this pandemic is, “I have learnt another new skill on the computer, I couldn’t do that before”.

As well as the adults having to learn new skills, the children have been showcasing their technological prowess by working collaboratively at home using Google Meet and Hangout to have paired and group discussions, using Jamboard and Google Docs to share their work, creating videos using WeVideo and engaging with their peers as if they were in the classroom as much as we possibly can on the ‘big screen’. It has been brilliant to see more of the Year 6 pupils come in over the past 10 days and also see (from a distance) the new children who have joined Skippers in the Summer term in Reception and Year 1.

I asked some of the children what they were enjoying about being back and their thoughts echoed my own!

“We do school work but at the same time we do socialising but it is a lot different with social distancing and washing hands all the time. I like seeing my friends.”

“There is a good amount of time to catch up with our friends we haven’t seen, but then we also do all the schoolwork we are meant to. The teachers allow us when we’re working to also have off screen work time and loads of group work as well.”

“There is a good amount of time to have a break (play with friends) there is a good amount of work. The social distancing is very odd.”

“It is a lot more different than before because we are doing social distancing and washing our hands before break and after. You sit on your own desk with your own equipment but it was nice to come back to school to see all of my friends. I find it a lot easier to work at school because we have teachers to support us. We can do sport and when we were at home we couldn't do sport with all of the PE teachers and it is fun to do again. All of the boys and girls are in different rooms the boys are in the gym and the girls are in top block. At first i did not want to go back to school but when i got there i actually liked that.”

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