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Exploring the Science of Rollercoasters

Posted: 2nd May 2019 | Category: Year 6

Exploring the Science of Rollercoasters

On the 29th April, Year 6 visited Legoland to take part in a ‘Science of Rollercoasters’ workshop. The purpose of the visit was to help the children review their Year 5 knowledge of forces so that they could apply it to their Year 6 enrichment sessions. In these enrichment sessions, the children are designing and making their own rollercoasters and fairground rides.

In the workshop, the children saw how they could harness potential gravitational energy by making the first hill on the roller coaster the highest. They then saw the kinetic energy at work as the cart twisted and turned down the track before friction finally slowed the cart to a stop.

After the demonstration, the children went into small groups to see what they could achieve. Encouraged by the Legoland rollercoaster, the children set to work using their teamwork skills. Despite great communication, the teams needed to employ their resilience strategies as their towers were knocked over by well-meaning but misplaced elbows! By reinforcing their towers and adapting their plans, the groups made some excellent models. Finally, they tested their models by seeing if the carts ran faster when more weight was added.

The children worked brilliantly in the workshops and after lunch went off to have a well-earned visit on the Legoland rides. A great day was had by all!

See some photos from the Year 6 'Science of Rollercoasters' workshop in our photo gallery. 

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