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Year 6 Create Pop Art Portraits

Posted: 11th March 2020 | Category: Year 6

Year 6 Create Pop Art Portraits

Year 6 has been learning about the Pop Art movement from the 1950s and 60s. Following an artist study of Andy Warhol, they were inspired to create self-portraits in the Pop Art style.

During the digital element of the project, the children took selfies using the Chromebooks and then learnt how to manipulate it by using the transparency, colour, brightness and contrast tools.

The final digital image was a grayscale image which highlighted the light and shadows on their face.

The images were then printed and they drew around the different colours and areas they could see, until they ended up with what looked like a colour-by-number piece of artwork.

The next step was to learn how to make tints and shades, using white, black and a chosen colour, which would then be applied to their self-portrait. The children then numbered each shade or tint and labelled their self-portrait accordingly. Then the painting began! The trial stage required a lot of reflection and self-evaluation in order to critique what had gone well and what needed to be improved upon during the next trial. 

The children spent around 6 lessons on their final piece and showed dedication and resilience throughout. The difference between their first attempt and the final piece is amazing!

The final self-portraits are now hanging outside the art room; can you tell who they all are?

Holly Barnett

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