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Year 6 Ceramics Workshop with Jane Harriott from Eastbourne College

Posted: 23rd October 2013 | Category: Year 6

On Friday 11th October, Year 6 enjoyed taking part in a Ceramics Workshop run by Jane Harriott from Eastbourne College. The task set for the pupils involved them each sculpting their own feline friend out of clay. Watch a video clip and read two pupil accounts below about the workshop.

Account 1:

We came into the room and two ladies from Eastbourne were excited to teach us. One lady called Caron made a fantastic example of a lion (because we were making lions, tigers and panthers). Atholl especially looked surprised when we were told that we were going to make these big cats!

So everyone started and we used three steps at first to make a head and body.  Then we all went onto making the detailed body work.  After that the class were moved and we made a tail and then some legs and then finally made a mane for the lions and the other people who were not doing a lion did some more body work.

Finally we had finished and we were ready to put the beautiful pottery into the Eastbourne College bus! We all said are bye byes to the ladies who helped us and Mr Ritchie for telling us we could do it! After that we all discussed how good it was and we can’t wait until they have been glazed so we can see the shine and the fantastic work we have done! Everyone tried their hardest and did their absolute best to not just make us proud but also the teachers!

By Thomas Frost

Account 2:

Today, we (Year 6) had the good luck of having two teachers from Eastbourne College come and show us some basic modeling. It was pouring and I, for one, was not looking forward to spending my Games lesson freezing my shinpads off in miserable weather, so I was relieved when I heard the news. We were going to attempt to create a semblance of a big cat (Lion, Tiger, etc.). I arrived twenty minutes in, due to my guitar lesson, but the teachers very quickly brought me up to speed. They were helpful, but let us do it on our own and didn’t baby us. From what I saw, the visitors were both excellent teachers and sculptors in their own right. If all the other Eastbourne College teachers are this good then readers might want to consider going there after Skippers. Thanks to all the teachers for organizing and THANK YOU to the visitors!

Fraser, Year 6

Video of workshop

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