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Year 5 visit the Roman Palace at Fishbourne

Posted: 8th November 2016 | Category: Year 5

We'd studied Roman villas with their colonnades and pools,
And the grandeur of the mansions where the ancient Romans ruled.
So Year Five went to see the Roman palace at Fishbourne.
“What is this trick?” the kids cried. “There's no palace there! It's gorn!”

But once we had explained how archaeologists had used
The bones and shells and jewellery and all kinds of other clues,
They used imagination with artefacts their teachers gave
And played at being detectives - then poor Harriet was enslaved!

Prince Sam and Princess Tilly weren't exactly sympathetic.
They told her off: “Your sweeping should be much more energetic!”
Though dressed in regal toga (Sam) and full-length stola (Tilly)
Slave Harriet got the giggles... and was sold for being too silly!

Who knew that underneath the soil in a grassy Sussex field
When farmers ploughed their farmland such mosaics would be revealed?
Year Five thought it was ‘awesome’ and were suitably impressed:
A fun-packed day of artefacts??  Whoever would have guessed?!

Thanks to Mrs Williams and to Mrs Smallpeice too.
We really couldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been for you!

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